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Channel management

Expanding into new industries, new regions, and selling to clients with bigger budgets requires strong partnerships with value-added resellers.
But, these resellers are hard to get partnerships with and they also need extensive training on how to sell your software AND ongoing support...
I create and manage partnerships for you, ensuring that value-added resellers are fully equipped to sell your software.

How it works

Note: All plans are custom-built for your exact needs.


Based on your goals and business model, I strategize your channel roadmap.


I set up meetings with value-added resellers and close deals that will allow you to join their network.

Channel enablement kit

I create all the materials that the resellers’ sales teams need, and run training courses, so that they are fully equiped to sell your software.

Maintenance & optimization

I act as the primary point of contact for resellers, resolving problems and optimizing their performance.


Do you work with brands in all verticals?

The short answer is no. I specialize in Hosting, StartUps and SaaS based companies because that is what I know best. Speak with our consultation team to see if there’s a fit between your company and ours.

What is your rate for managing a partner program?

In general, the rate is a fixed monthly fee plus a commission based on the performance of the program. Please set an appointment via my calendar to get a complimentary consulting appointment, and a price quote.

Is the commitment Monthly, Bi-annual, Annual?

In general, it is a 1-year rolling agreement. At any time you can cancel the agreement (with 30 days notice).

I already have an existing partner/ affiliate program. Do I need to start a new one with you?

This would need to be evaluated because every program is different. Each affiliate network has its strengths and weaknesses so we'd evaluate your case and then determine if a new implementation is necessary. Set up a consultation with me to clarify whether a new program is something that we may need to work on together.

Who creates the commission/ pay/ discount offer for the program?

This is something that we need to work together on because you know your margins and I’ll help to break that down into what can work.

Do I really need you to manage my program?

Absolutely not. Many brands manage their own program, but that also takes away from the rest of your business. Affiliate programs are tough to get off the ground and by using partner management services from me, you’ll get the benefit of previous partner relationships, competitive research and knowledge you would not normally have had, had you not been using my services.

How do I know how the program is going? Do I get any reports or updates?

When we begin, we’ll have a discussion about KPIs and you’ll weekly and monthly progress reports which include the metrics discussed. Some companies value specific metrics differently and the report will be customized to what you’re interested in looking at.

Interested in getting bigger customers with deeper pockets?

Book a free consultation call to see if my channel management services are right for you.
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